Mobile storage racks

Did you know ? Mobile racks are a perfect solution for creating a modular storage area in record time.

Unwilling or unable to invest? Opt for rental!

The ideal alternative so as not to strain your budget, renting mobile racks from TER Rental will allow you to start your logistics operations without waiting – and this, at controlled costs.

Thanks to their 3 models of bases (or soles) and their multiple height possibilities, the TERACKS allow all types of storage, even the most cumbersome.

For extra shelving, to optimize your storage or even for heavy shelving, TERACKS offer optimum storage of products, in a minimum of space: warehouses, reserves, stocks, etc.

With TER Rental’s mobile racks, storing your goods has never been so simple, nor so economical!

If you prefer our team’s advice on choosing the best TERACK according to what you want to store… Then contact us quickly !